Elizabeth Warren Claim to Providing Intellectual Foundation of Occupy Wall Street Movement

Elizabeth Warren has asserted that she created[1] the intellectual foundation of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

“I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she says. “I support what they do.”

At the time Warren made the statement, Occupy Wall Street was known for violent demonstrations[2].

During her Senate campaign, Warren’s downplayed the claim[3] to be the intellectual foundation of Occupy Wall Street:

In an interview Tuesday with a local reporter published in Mother Jones[4], she downplayed her earlier claim of credit. “I had a long conversation with someone about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I said, I think, I’ve been protesting Wall Street for a very long time.” She added, “There’s not a question of is there enough credit to go around…So I am glad that that conversation is going forward and that it’s going forward in an organic way.”

During the campaign, Warren clarified that she associated with OWS[5]:

Elizabeth was making the point that she has been protesting Wall Street’s practices and policies for years — and working to change them. Wall Street’s tricks brought our economy to the edge of collapse and there hasn’t been any real accountability. She understands why people are so angry and why they are taking their fight to the street. She has said repeatedly everyone has to abide by the law. Elizabeth is working for change a different way, to take this fight to the United States Senate.


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Last Updated: January 20th, 2020