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Welcome to Elizabeth Warren Wiki, the most comprehensive source of information and documentation with regard to Elizabeth A. Warren, United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and former Harvard Law School Professor.

Senator Warren was discussed as a possible Democratic Party presidential candidate in 2016 and again in 2020; she is the leading progressive politician in the country.

Senator Warren’s writings and speeches have made national news in themselves.

This Wiki covers the highlights of Senator Warren’s background and career, her politics, and various controversies.

Additional information will be added on an ongoing basis, including future sections providing greater details and documentation as to Senator Warren’s campaign for Senate, campaign and Senate staff members, professional background, and government service.

1 Elizabeth Warren Biography — Early Life, Education, Marriages, and Family
2 Elizabeth Warren Biography — Academic, Government, and Political Career
2.1 Academic Research Controversies
2.2 Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016 movement
2.3 Elizabeth Warren 2020 Presidential Campaign
3 Elizabeth Warren Income and Net Worth
3.1 Federal PACER Fee Waivers
4 Intellectual Foundation of Occupy Wall Street Movement
5 "Factory Owner" Speech
6 Legal Representation of Major Corporations
6.1 Law License Controversy
7 Claim To Be First Nursing Mother To Take NJ Bar Exam
8 Elizabeth Warren Wikipedia Page Controversy
9 Elizabeth Warren Native American / Cherokee Controversy
9.1 Native American / Cherokee Criticism of Elizabeth Warren
9.2 High School Debate Partner Does Not Recall Warren Being Native American
9.3 Pow Wow Chow Cookbook
9.4 Listed As "Woman of Color In Legal Academia"
9.5 Elizabeth Warren Refusal To Meet With Native Americans
9.6 Elizabeth Warren Does Not Register As Native American In U.S. Senate
9.7 "Unaccountable - Elizabeth Warren and the Cherokee"
9.8 Says Has Photo Proof Of Native American Heritage, But Will Not Show
9.9 Claim to be Native American / Cherokee becomes campaign issue in 2012 Senate Race
9.10 Elizabeth Warren DNA Test Results Controversy
Last Updated: August 7th, 2017