Elizabeth Warren Biography — Early Life, Education, Marriages, and Family

1 Early Life
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3 Marriages and Family
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Early Life

Elizabeth (Herring) Warren was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on June 22, 1949,[1] to Pauline Louise (Reed) and Donald Jones Herring. She was the youngest of four children with three older brothers.

After graduating from Northwest Classen High School, she attended George Washington University. She left before graduating to marry Jim Warren and move to Houston, Texas. There, she attended the University of Houston, from which she graduated in 1970[2] with a degree in speech pathology and audiology.

Post-college, Warren taught preschool for one year before moving to New Jersey for her husband’s work.


Warren received her B.S. from the University of Houston in 1970.[3] Prior to this, Warren had attended the George Washington University for two years without graduating, having received a debate scholarship[4] at age 16. Warren attended and graduated from the Rutgers School of Law-Newark.

Marriages and Family

Warren’s first marriage was to computer engineer Jim Warren, with whom she had two children, Amelia and Alexander. In an October 2012 article,[5] Elizabeth referred to Jim as “not a bad guy.”

In 1978, after meeting future husband Bruce Mann[6] at a conference in Florida, Elizabeth and Jim Warren divorced. Bruce said of meeting the married Warren, “I saw this woman talking to someone, and I was just captivated…I just walked right over. She barely noticed me. It took a couple of days.” Warren said of meeting Bruce, “he had good legs.”[7]

In 1980, two years after meeting, Warren and Mann were married.

Her daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is the cofounder of The Business Talent Group and chairman[8] of Demos,[9] a progressive think tank. She is married to film producer Sushil Tyagi, who has been criticized for ties to a controversial Iranian filmmaker.[10]


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